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I use humor to cover up the fact that I want to jump off a bridge

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Well my parents went off with my brother to drive go-karts and play mini-golf an hour before I got home. Glad to be part of the family I guess

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if i had one night with you, i'll probably spend it by kissing you and cuddling. hope it's ok.

It’s more than okay

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And then I check to see if I have any art uploaded on here, and of course one of the pictures you liked…the one I sent to you is there. Damn it

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watch another movie? just dont be sad ok

But it’s Spider-Man! And Gwen Stacy! And Emma Stone AS Gwen Stacy

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Decided to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2…not a good idea. Couldn’t help but think of someone and of course that only made me feel worse.

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Let me wake up to these lmao good night y’all

So it

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